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Inside Pool Forum
Billiards Digest Forum & Webpage (Virtually no activity here)

Brunswick Information:

Brunswick's Website
The Brunswick Camden Pool Table
Why Buy a Brunswick?
Brunswick Superspeed Cushion Specs

Our Pool Table:

8 ft. Brunswick Camden II, Mohagany Finish,

Brazilian curubixa and ash wood.

Simonis 860 "marine blue" worsted wool cloth.



Cues, Cue Repair, & Accessories

Talisman Cue Tips (I'm using the WB Med, Waterbuffalo Medium Tips)
Pechauer Cues
Pechauer P04 Cue, Details
Viking Cues
Viking VM-17 Cue,

Mali Cues
Mali M-3 Cue, No wrap on butt, blue stain
Joint Specs: 5/16"-14, "Quick-Connect"

Equipment Suppliers:

Mueller Recreational Products (, A full-scale retailer of billiard supplies)
Cue Sight (Have Purchased Items here)
Aramith Billiard Balls (manufactured by saluc, in Belgium)
Simonis Cloth (The best pool table "felt")
Best Billiard Supply
E-Z Shine Beeswax
Hawley's Billiard Store
Billiard Warehouse (A good place to reference cue prices, yet a good place to get burned)
Mali Company (Cues & Cloth)
Wayne's this and That a site with extensive list of Cue Manufacturers & Links

Billiard / Pool Associations:

Billiard Congress of America (BCA)
World Pool Association (WPA)
American Pool Players Assoc. (APA)

Publications & Forums

Pool & Billiard Magazine
Inside Pool Magazine (and Equipment)
Inside Pool Forum



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